to David Kyle's personal webpage. If you are curious about David and his yoga journey please continue through this site to get some basic information on his background and where he will be leading trainings and hosting workshops in the future. If you are interested in training with David, then give an old fashioned phone call or futuristic email to say "Hi" directly! David is always available to connect with each individual.

All of David's teachings are centered in his personal experiences with yoga through practice and through the gift of great teachers who have kindly shared the right information at the right time! One of these teachers who he learned directly from for many years is his teacher Larry Schultz. David is the highest trained student by Larry Schultz with the only 500 E-RYT given from direct study with Larry. David is also trained in Traditional Ashtanga Yoga which he learned through the Pattabhi Jois lineage with a few classes from Pattabhi himself and other western senior teachers. The merging of these two systems of thought is the future of yoga! Time shows that this practice is about finding yourself, not creating yourself. Feel lighter as you detatch from the false search outside of ones own inner universe.

David's teachings encourages students to find their inner teacher and walk a path that encourages happiness and ease. Students can learn to live life to its fullest by integrating yoga practice and philosophy into their daily lifestyle. Students naturally learn to avoid external conflicts as they dive deeper into their own personal truth and prepare for the internal conflicts that await. The discipline that is earned through this practice prepares us for all of lifes greatest stories. Blessings to all of you on this path.